Shift Breakfast From Sweet To Savory Oats

Definition of savory

From the dictionary, savory means a plant from the mint family. It is used for cooking as a herb.

What is savory food?

Savory is the opposite of sweet. It is something different from sugary, something that is tasty and deliciously cooked.

Alter your breakfast from sweet to savory

When you think OF healthy breakfast, you consider oats as your choice. Your ingredients might include cinnamon, sugar, milk, etc. Thus you can prepare a bowl of sweet breakfast. However, to remain fit, you need to change sweet oats to savory oats. Americans commonly eat sugary foods in their breakfast. Their choices vary from biscuits, doughnuts to pastries or buns. You will find their kitchen cabinets full of sweet products. However, health applies the shift to savory. You can easily and cheaply prepare oats for breakfast. They carry a lot of nutrients and fibers in them which supports weight loss. There are numerous recipes of oatmeal. Below we have described a few of them:

1) Egg and oatmeal

If you are taking bread and egg for breakfast, you can replace that with oats instead of bread. You can add eggs, mushrooms, and spinach to your cooked coats. In this way, a bowl of savory oats is ready which us healthy and sugar-free.

2) Oats with vegetables

You can also mix various vegetables with oats to make a delicious oatmeal breakfast. So veggies no longer remains a dish of only lunch or dinner you can take that for breakfast as well. Vegetables are rich in nutrients and so are oats so when both combine you can get an enormous quantity of nutrients in the morning which aids you to remain healthy throughout the day.

3) Asian style oatmeal

There is a simple recipe:

a) Oats

b) Reduced sodium Soya-sauce

c) Black pepper

d) Red onions

Mix the above ingredients in proportions as per your taste and get a flavored breakfast.

3) Pumpkin oatmeal

Another recipe of oatmeal includes pumpkin and leek. It can prove to be a really delicious and healthy recipe for breakfast.

4) Cheese

What cheese for breakfast? Isn’t it for pizza or burgers and sandwiches only? No, it is not. Another idea is to combine oats with cheese add appropriate spices to make a cheesy breakfast.

5) Curried oats

Curry with oats sound strange but can be done. You need to take the following ingredients:

a) Oats

b) Yellow onion

c) Bell pepper

d) Oil

e) Water

f) Salt

g) Curry powder

h) Vietnamese fish sauce

I) Cooked turkey bacon

So from cooking with the above ingredients, you can make a curried oatmeal. Now curry lovers will be delighted to see curry in breakfast.


So it might be difficult for you to change your habit of the sweet morning but no doubt it is a healthier option to do so. It is for those opting for dieting or good nutritional breakfast. Nutritionists suggest a stomach filling breakfast to get into shape and oats can prove to be handy in that case. So next time you go for grocery do include oats in your list.

The Fitness Test Of 500-Rep

This fitness test asks you to repeat each of the below given ten exercises to 50 times just to reach the level of 500 repetitions to challenge your level of fitness.

  1. Pushup:

The procedure to do push up is as follows:

  • At the width of the shoulder, locating hands on the ground, straightening the body and bracing the abs and then compress the blades of shoulders altogether.
  • Continue going downwards and stop just when your chest is an inch from the ground.
  1. Jump Squat:

The method to do Jump Squat is as follows:

  • Apart from the shoulder width with the feet, keep on standing and cringe down equidistantly.
  • Jump to the highest point.
  • Come back to the former state with soft knees
  • Repeat the same step.
  1. Inverted Row:

The process to do Inverted Row is as follows:

  • Adjust a barbell in the rack of power at about the height of the hip.
  • Lie down under that it
  • Apart from the shoulder width, with hands, hold it firmly.
  • Swing on that bar and attain a straight body posture.
  1. Dumbbell Overhead Press

The process of performing Dumbbell Overhead Press is as follows:

  • In both of the hands, grasp a dumbbell at the level of the shoulder with keeping your palms in front of you.
  • Exert pressure on the weights overhead by supporting your abs.
  1. Dumbbell Front Squat

The process of performing Dumbbell Squat Press is as follows:

  • Under your chin, grasp two kettlebells or dumbbells.
  • Do the front squat.
  1. Medicine-Ball Russian Twist:

The procedure to do Medicine-Ball Russian Twist is as follows:

  • Extending your arms towards you and grasping a medicine ball in each hand, sit on the ground by maintaining the setting of a sit-up.
  • Move your body to one side and then twist it back in an explosive manner.
  • Repeat it by doing it with the alternative sides.
  1. Renegade Row:

The procedure to do Renegade Row Twist is as follows:

  • By equalizing both the handles, grasp a dumbbell in both the hands and get into the position of a pushup.
  • Transfer the weight of your body to your right side.
  • Line the dumbbell of the left-hand to your hip side.
  • Repeat on the alternative side.
  • Straightening of the body and bracing of the abs must be done throughout.
  1. V-Up:

The process of doing V-Up is as follows:

  • By extending your legs on the ground and Lie on your Outstretch your arms overhead.
  • Uplift your legs and put your trunk off the ground to achieve a V-shape of your body.
  1. Bar Hop:

The process of doing Bar Hop is as follows:

  • On the ground, Stand to one side of that loaded bar used to uplift the weight.
  • Jump this bar off and on.
  • Jump back just when you touch the ground again.
  1. Mountain Climber:

The process of doing Mountain Climber is as follows:

  • On the floor, grasp the ball with both hands and set into the position of a pushup.
  • Raise one knee towards the chest and then rapidly move it back while raising the opposite knee.

How to Get Back On Track For Fitness?

There comes a time when your gym routine is totally off the track, and you’ve lost your stamina. Somehow, all that you read online has confused your mind that you really are in no clue of what is right or wrong. Everything is going just the way it shouldn’t be, and this is the time when you need to pull yourself together. These few steps will help you to get back-to-basics approach to your training.

#1 Un-follow a hundred coaches online

Coaches can be of great help because they tell you exactly how much you need to work out and how you should go about with that. Coach assistance is good as long as it coming from just one coach. You cannot just take advice from 10 coaches at the same time and expect it to be functional as well. Too much information can overload your mind where it stops to make sense. So, what you need to do is pick one coaching assistance that is best able to address your situation and leave all the rest.

#2 Figure out what you are capable of

Before you choose a routine, you need to first know exactly what you are capable of. You need to know your base before you build on it. In this way, you are able to add some amount every day to your total capacity, and this eventually keeps you way ahead of the pack. Those who try to achieve unrealistic targets in one day, usually end up failing miserably.

#3 Focus on three meals a day

Nowadays, a trend has started where fitness freaks are more into posting pictures of their “healthy” diet on social media rather than taking benefit from it. They care more about the likes which they are going to get on it rather than what medical importance it holds. None of it is ever going to help you, what you really need to do is decide upon a diet where you take three proper meals every day that include all sorts of proteins and nutrition. Your meals should have rice as well as flour, chicken and vegetables and healthy drinks along with them. People who work out need meals that are full of energy rather than staying alive on junk or salads.

#4 Train your full body three times a week

You need to stop getting confused over all that the internet has to say. There are a million exercises out there, but you need to realize that you cannot do all of them at once. You have one body, and that will only benefit if you give it one routine to follow. For starters what you can do is train your full body to the same routine about 2-3 times a week. This will build stamina, and at the same time, you will be keeping gym to the minimum.

As Bruce Lee says, that simplicity is the key. This works particularly in the fitness world where the less you do, the better it is.

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